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Fri, Aug. 26th, 2011, 12:46 am
sacredsideshow: Hello from Cynthya BrianKate in Long Island, looking to meet fellow otherkin in NY

      Hello everyone! I joined this group recently and am posting for the first time here to introduce myself and see if I can meet some other folks in the NY area.

      I’m Cynthya BrianKate, I live in Eastern Suffolk Long Island, and my story falls under several parts of the otherkin community and then some. The quickest way say where I’m coming from is that I’m a visually disabled, multiracial (both physically and astrally), kinky, goth, sci-fi geek, medium-femme genderqueer-identified hormonally intersex (I myself prefer the old word Hermaphrodite) transgender woman, Shamanic Witch, Spirit-worker (as in I work with various spirits), Deadworker (as in I help dead as well as living people) amd multiple-race Otherkin-blooded Psychic Vampire.

      I’m a psychic vampire (psivamp), as in I absorb life-force/psychic and primarily emotional energy from others, which makes me a relatively strong empathy and pretty good empathic healer. I’m part Iron-Wood Jotun Giant. I’m partly descended from the Jotun race of Giants, also sometimes called Trolls or Ogres, which the ancient Norse and some current shamans speak of. My Jotun ancestry comes from the Iron Wood, which is a sort of freak-jungle known for breeding mutants, so I’m non-standard even for someone who’s part Troll. I’m what I call Noxian, as in also being partly descended from a race once made by the Goddess Nox, which means I’m apparently distantly related to the chaos goddess Eris. I’m also connected to/descended from a huge Tarantuloid being I call Mama Tarantula (guess my spirit animal). I’m a bit of a Therian (shapeshifters/were-creature) as I soften shapeshift astrally into various creature forms, mostly either stereotype Troll-monster shapes or a sort of Spider-Woman. There’s other stuff I may be made of but I’m not sure what. It seems my soul was built rather than born, and for now I’ll say I’ve a very interesting astral body for folks who sense such things well.

      I would so love to meet fellow Otherkin folks in the NY and especially Long Island areas. I myself am working on restarting a downstate and LI Otherkin meeting group I helped start and am working on maki9ng an alternative vampire web-list. I’m most easily reached at my email, barbieboy001@yahoo.com

      Thanks and looking forward to meeting cool and accepting people, Cynthya BrianKate

Wed, Nov. 11th, 2009, 10:21 am
peachesviii: Research Project Assistance

Hello,  I am in the process of writing a research paper for my cultural anthropology class and I am needing to interview individuals of the sub cultural I am researching.  I have chosen to research Otherkins and I am hoping someone will be willing to take a few minutes to answer my questions.

Some of these might seem mundane but I promise they reflect directly to what I am required to cover in my paper.  I have tried to word these as not offend anyone but I might have failed, so if something is offensive I apologize in advance and if you would explain how it is offensive that would help me greatly.  As of right now everything I have found is either from a book or what I have read on the internet so I am at a disadvantage. Here goes.

1.  Is your identity as an Otherkin as a whole, more or less important than you identity as a specific creature?  Do you feel more connected with people of your own identity or simply otherkins as a whole.

2.  How does your identity as an otherkin affect your daily life?

3.  Do you feel that your friends and family understand the meaning of your otherkin identity?

4.  Have you awakened?  And if so would you tell me about it?

5.  What otherkin do you identify with?  Has this changed over time or have you always been the same creature?

6.  I have read that there are some biological explanations for a blending of species.  How do you feel about these explanations and does it matter to you if this can be explained by science?

7.  Do you practice a specific religion?  If so what and how does it affect your otherkin identity?

8.  How has identifying yourself as an Otherkin improved your life?

Once again I appreciate all the help I can get.  I have to turn my paper in the beginning of December so the sooner a response can be sent the better.

Thank you for all your help.

Fri, Aug. 7th, 2009, 03:51 pm
houseava3: Ontological Rebellion: The Otherkin Community and the Struggle for Reality

Joseph Laycock, author of Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism, will be delivering a paper (oral lecture) on Otherkin and the Otherkin Community at the annual conference of the Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) in San Francisco, CA tomorrow (August 8, 2009).

Association for the Sociology of Religion (ASR) Annual Meeting
August 8-10, 2009 - San Francisco, CA
"Ontological Rebellion: The Otherkin Community and the Struggle for Reality"
Joseph Laycock, Boston University

Vampires Today: The Truth About Modern Vampirism
Joseph Laycock - Praeger Publishers 2009

Examples of this writings and blogs may be viewed at Religion Dispatches
Note:  While he's a "scholar of religion", he does not argue that "vampirism" or "otherkin" are new religious movements - this is simply his peer audience and disclipline of study backdropped against a broader sociological context.


Mon, Feb. 16th, 2009, 07:45 pm
poisongirl66613: Greetings

Hey, i'm new here. My name's Skylar. I am a druid. I'm from Manhattan. I am a freshman a t Pace University in Pleasantville. I only recently have begun to believe that i may be otherkin. I suspect that i may have been or may still be a vampire. My suspicions stem from the fact that I have very pale skiin, I mean i'm only a shade or two darker than an albino... I have a condition the doctor's call photophobia, which is severe sensitivity to sunlight... and there are few other things that make me suspect. But i believe i was something different in some of my past lives.But like i said, i'm still fairly new to this. I'm still learning and discovering so much.

Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2008, 07:13 pm
houseava3: Otherkin - Therian - Vampirism Research Surveys - Important Update

The long-term importance of the VEWRS & AVEWRS surveys can't be stressed enough and this will come into focus on a larger scale in May of 2009 with the publication of an academic book involving some of the information gathered thus far. This independent publication in May ‘09 necessitates that we stop accepting surveys and move full time into analysis and writing if we ever hope to finish this decade (over 130 additional surveys have been e-mailed to us after the initial Oct. ’07 deadline bring the response total to over 750+).  If you have not already completed these surveys (preferably both parts) PLEASE take an hour or so tonight or this weekend/over the holidays to sit down and complete at least the VEWRS (Part 1 - Survey). PLEASE encourage others you know to complete these surveys as well - we rely on your assistance to reach as many individuals online and offline as possible.

THESE SURVEYS ARE APPLICABLE IN PART TO THE THERIAN & OTHERKIN COMMUNITY - YOUR PARTICIPATION IS VALUED & IMPORTANT!  Nearly 200 Otherkin & Therians have already participated in this study and a year later we are extending the offer to participation one last time before initial publication of aspects of this study.  We intend to share the data with these groups so that both may benefit by having a clearer understanding of the demographics, experiences, and beliefs held by our different but often interlinked groups.  If there are questions located on the VEWRS (Part 1) & AVEWRS (Part 2) survey that are not applicable to you, simply answer "Not Applicable", leave blank, or where appropriate if a substitution of "vampire" or "energy worker" for "therian" or "otherkin" is applicable to you please feel free to answer and your response will be treated under the category you identify yourself as outlined on question #172 and #285 (Other - Write In) of the VEWRS and #383/384 and #982 of the AVEWRS.  The data will be divided into the follow classification based on your own self-identity.  Please encourage others from the Otherkin & Therian community to participate ASAP in this study!

V:ampire; V - VE - VO - VT - VEO - VET - VOT - VEOT
E:nergy Worker; E - EO - ET - EOT
O:therkin; O - OT
T:herian; T
How To Participate:

PLEASE download and complete the following survey(s) - if you don't have the time to complete both of these surveys please at least complete the 1st (VEWRS). Your input is more valuable than you realize and will help aid in the understanding of real vampirism, energy work, psychic phenomena, otherkin, therianthropy, etc.

Return the surveys to

SURVEYS: (Click Links To Download)

Part 1 - VEWRS (MS Word Format): 
Part 2 - AVEWRS (MS Word Format): 

TROUBLESHOOTING: (If You Are Unable To Read The File) - Simply Copy/Paste From The Web Sites Below Into rtf/doc/pdf/text File Format or Direct E-mail, "X" Your Choices or Delete Any Non-Applicable Choice, Send As Attachment:

Part 1 - VEWRS (Text Format): 
Part 2 - AVEWRS (Text Format): 


- Suscitatio Research Staff

Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study

A Detailed Sociological & Phenomenological Examination Of The Real Vampire & Energy Worker Community With Secondary Focus On Therianthropy, Otherkin, & "Awakened" Individuals
Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC

Wed, Oct. 15th, 2008, 11:18 pm
theogabriel: Greetings

I am an otherkin. I am many things but fundamentally a star traveller, star seed and a wolf. I am in Bushwick NYC and looking to meet others to share time, ideas and resources.
Primary interests lie with bonding tighter with otherkin around me and across the globe

Mon, Sep. 15th, 2008, 12:23 am
child0fbalance: Newbie

Hey! I go by Seraphyna in the community and am on a ton of forums so some of you may already know me. I'm 22 years old, basically been awakened all my life and only specifically figuring things out for about 9 years. I'm a polymorphic/shapeshifting celestial (at least I identify as celestial primarily), specifically a Balancer. There's a post in my journal about what that means, how I came to the conclusion, etc. found here: http://child0fbalance.livejournal.com/61477.html

I'm from lowest westchester county, NY so I hope to find people in my area to possibly connect with offline one of these days.

Wed, Jul. 16th, 2008, 10:52 am
existencialismo: (no subject)

Do you like Fair Trade items? do you like to wear unique accessories? If you do, please visit my shop titled KUCHIK. The word Kuchick means 'tiny' or 'little' in Farsi. Thus, each of my little items are a one-of-a-kind creation. Take joy in knowing that no one will ever have the same accessories as you! In my listings you'll find info about where my products come from & how they're made. Feel free to convo me on Etsy if you have any questions

Thu, May. 8th, 2008, 09:33 am
racoondog: 'Ello

Hair:shoulderblade lienth
Hair Color:Blood Red
eye color:bye eyed:right is jade greenleft is hoeny brown
Main Breed:FloF&Herding Mutt
Other Breeds:Vampiric Snow Pard.
Relationship Statis:Singel and looking for long term.
Yiff Statis:Dont Yiff 
SexualityStraight/Bi Currouss.
Type of Relationship Looking for:Male
Well thats it for now, feel free to AIm or what ever. Im Freindly and dont bite....

Fri, Apr. 25th, 2008, 12:08 am
truth_underskin: Dracula: A Rock Opera in NJ!

High Tech High School Musical Theater Department presents

We are very excited to be presenting a new musical based on the chilling Bram Stoker classic. This would be our 8th spring musical and the students are so excited to be putting it together in the last 7 months. Much rehearsal and planning has been underway with choreography, sets, costumes, lighting and good ol’ stage magic that will hopefully awe the audiences in a re-telling of the Bram Stoker classic.

This is director Alex Perez’s 9th year as director of the musical theater program.
“after 18 productions, stints Off-Broadway and overseas, you would think it would get easy. But every year is a brand new challenge with brand new students and the job only gets more exciting and there are always challenges that come our way.” “ People love to compare shows, but I see them as separate entities, a tattoo if you will, separate chapters and of course, we always choose material that is different and sets us apart from the normal high school musical choices.”

The students this year have been so focused and so commanding, that audiences truly need to see their work. This is why we are excited to add an extra weekend for the first time ever. Another first is that all the music is set to classic rock of the 70’s thru now..so it gives a little bit of something for everyone. And of course, another first is that we are doing a dramatic passionate love story. There is quite a lot of romance on stage and the students are truly working hard to make the love relationships involved captivating. Practicing kissing scenes and hunger for blood needs to be right, otherwise Dracula will not be believable. The students are willing and ready to make it happen.

DRACULA: A Rock Opera is also music directed by Rod Shepard with an all-student band that is stronger than ever. The HTHS Music Theater Dept. has been involved in the Papermill Rising Star Award Program for excellence in High School Musical Theater. In 6 years, they have been nominated 15 times and won 10 awards including Best Direction, Lead Actor and Actress, Lobby, Costumes, Hair and Makeup and Production all for different productions throughout the years. Recently they performed in Scotland over the past summer.

DRACULA: A Rock Opera
May 2,3,9,10 @ 7pm
May 3,4, 10, 11 @ 1pm

Tickets are $15
Call 201-854-2903 for more info

HTHS Black Box Theater
2000-85th ST (Tonelle Ave)
North Bergen NJ 07047

Of worthwhile mention is that the show will contain various songs by Depeche Mode, Siouxie, and Nine Inch Nails! This is no ordinary Dracula Musical! haha. 

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