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Fri, Aug. 26th, 2011, 12:46 am
sacredsideshow: Hello from Cynthya BrianKate in Long Island, looking to meet fellow otherkin in NY

      Hello everyone! I joined this group recently and am posting for the first time here to introduce myself and see if I can meet some other folks in the NY area.

      I’m Cynthya BrianKate, I live in Eastern Suffolk Long Island, and my story falls under several parts of the otherkin community and then some. The quickest way say where I’m coming from is that I’m a visually disabled, multiracial (both physically and astrally), kinky, goth, sci-fi geek, medium-femme genderqueer-identified hormonally intersex (I myself prefer the old word Hermaphrodite) transgender woman, Shamanic Witch, Spirit-worker (as in I work with various spirits), Deadworker (as in I help dead as well as living people) amd multiple-race Otherkin-blooded Psychic Vampire.

      I’m a psychic vampire (psivamp), as in I absorb life-force/psychic and primarily emotional energy from others, which makes me a relatively strong empathy and pretty good empathic healer. I’m part Iron-Wood Jotun Giant. I’m partly descended from the Jotun race of Giants, also sometimes called Trolls or Ogres, which the ancient Norse and some current shamans speak of. My Jotun ancestry comes from the Iron Wood, which is a sort of freak-jungle known for breeding mutants, so I’m non-standard even for someone who’s part Troll. I’m what I call Noxian, as in also being partly descended from a race once made by the Goddess Nox, which means I’m apparently distantly related to the chaos goddess Eris. I’m also connected to/descended from a huge Tarantuloid being I call Mama Tarantula (guess my spirit animal). I’m a bit of a Therian (shapeshifters/were-creature) as I soften shapeshift astrally into various creature forms, mostly either stereotype Troll-monster shapes or a sort of Spider-Woman. There’s other stuff I may be made of but I’m not sure what. It seems my soul was built rather than born, and for now I’ll say I’ve a very interesting astral body for folks who sense such things well.

      I would so love to meet fellow Otherkin folks in the NY and especially Long Island areas. I myself am working on restarting a downstate and LI Otherkin meeting group I helped start and am working on maki9ng an alternative vampire web-list. I’m most easily reached at my email, barbieboy001@yahoo.com

      Thanks and looking forward to meeting cool and accepting people, Cynthya BrianKate